About Finding Muchness

Muchness is that nearly indescribable part of you that makes you who you are. The vision of our company is to find a way, through film and photography, to describe the indescribable. We believe that everyone is made unique, beautiful, and special. As artists it is our responsibility and joy to find the goodness in the world and use our gifts to make that goodness known. We want to find your muchness. Because there is muchness in everyone. 

Meet Charlotte

I am born and bred in Southern California. I love my husband, my church, breakfast, the Hunger Games, and C.S. Lewis.

My dream is to tell stories that inspire imaginations and excite people with truth, hope, and grace. So that is what I try to do everyday, whether that means shooting a wedding, editing a music video, or writing children's stories. I look forward to hearing your story.

Meet Haley

Hi! Thank you for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here! My name is Haley. I am the wife of the best guy I've ever met and mother to two sweet little boys--I'm obsessed with my family.
I want all of my photos to feel personal, genuine, and natural. I want to reflect the special things about each person, so before I work with you I want to get to know you. I take a photojournalistic approach in photography because I want to reflect the real you. Natural light and outdoor settings are my specialty and I'm always looking for the next beautiful spot to work. It is truly a blessing to photograph the lives of so many people and it is my hope that I can bless each person I work with.
Above all I aim for excellence in my work because I want to offer God my very best. I will work my hardest to help you create a shoot that is perfectly styled, natural, and create images that capture all the beautiful things about you and your story. So let's talk, work together, and become friends.


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